Season 1 of Battlerite Pro League will feature a showdown of the best-of-the-best in Europe, North America, South America and Korea
$80,000 Prize Pool
Each team will battle their way to the top to prove who is best as they compete for a slice of an $80,000 prize pool, including more than $25,000 in the LAN finale.
Each region will consist of 8 teams each duking it out over the course of 5 weeks to see which teams get to stay for the next season, which teams will be relegated, and which 2 teams will
make it to the LAN finale to represent their region.
4 Open Qualifiers will be held in each Region to determine the first teams for Season 1. Each qualifier consists of a Double Elimination bracket where the top 2 teams are qualified for Battlerite Pro League.
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Regional play

Each Region fights for a total of $13,000 and chance to prove themselves at the Season 1 finale!

Broadcast Dates

Week 1: April 28 & 29

Week 2: May 5 & 6

Week 3: May 12 & 13

Week 4: May 19 & 20

Week 5: May 26 & 27

Catch all the action on Twitch

Twitch is the exclusive live streaming partner for the league. Catch all the action on
The top two teams from each region will have their hotel
and flight covered and a chance to compete for their share of $25,000 live and on stage.
More information about the promotion/relegation system and LAN Finale will be released shortly.
So make sure to stay tuned on our offical Twitter account @Battleritesport
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